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FDA Warning: Fake Morning After Pill May Be in U.S.





I just came across this article on Time about a fake emergency contraceptive

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers against using the emergency contraceptive pill labeled Evital, because it may be counterfeit and ineffective at preventing pregnancy.

The possibly fake “morning-after pill” comes in a package labeled “Evital Anticonceptivo de emergencia, 1.5 mg, 1 tablet” by manufacturer “Fluter Domull.” The FDA reports that Evital, which is not approved for use in the U.S., may be circulating in Latino communities.

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I just really wanted to pass this along just to make sure that more people are becoming aware of this!

It irks me that their main concern is that it’s in the U.S.. Shouldn’t we be upset that a fake emergency contraceptive pill exists at all?

If by “their” you mean the FDA’s, the FDA is an agency whose purpose is to keep fake and dangerous medications from being sold in the United States.  I’m sure FDA inspectors don’t love that this pill may be sold in other countries, but they don’t have any jurisdiction or authority outside the U.S., so…not really sure how government safety employees doing their jobs is some kind of moral failure.

lol wtf. How the fuck are the FDA, or any government agency, going to keep something from existing if not by outlawing it from being sold and attempting to cut it off from its customer base? Just… go and bomb the Evital factory? Sure sure.

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    Ha! Been there, done that. /high fives country Oh wait.
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    Wow, that is so disgusting.
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    This is scary!
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    tbh, shame on anyone who doesn’t do their research before hand choose one of the two leading emergency contraceptives...
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